Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beer Pong / Flip Cup Table


In anticipation of the temperature increasing above 60 degrees here in Dallas, the fact that I have a handful of bachelor parties to attend, and that my kickball team might actually get to play some games soon, I am gladly announcing that I want to get a new beer pong / flip cup combo table for some good spring and summer pre/post partying. In performing just one google search I came across a list of the 33 "best" beer pong tables: (The 33 Best Beer Pong Tables Ever Created). See below for the ones which I enjoy the most.

32) The Balitmore Beer Pong Table. I like the cup holders which will keep people from knocking over the cups, and wasting less beer.

27) Surfboard Beer Pong Table. I like this one since this one can stand in the corner and be ornamental.

19) Floating Beer Pong Table. I always wanted to take one of these to a pool. Here's another great example of floating beer pong tables (they're inflatable!) - PortOPong

15) Crossroads Beer Pong Table. Two games at once sharing the same table, awesome.

6) Sod Beer Pong Table. I think this is hilarious, but it's out of the question when it comes to maintainability and playing flip cup.

2) Fire Beer Pong Table. Dude, how sweet would it be if there were flames coming up from the table itself? This one is by far my favorite, but if I did it, where would be the safest spots for the flames? Probably not a good for a bunch of people drinking :D

So I think I'm either going to go with the surfboard or the inflatable table.. maybe both? Not sure. One really can't do flip cup, and the other may be too narrow for flip cup. Maybe I'll have to build one after all.

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